Ethical Principles

It will be the responsibility of all employees and volunteers of People Helping People to adhere to the ethical principles set forth, and to uphold and advance the honor and dignity of each person’s profession and responsibilities.

In keeping with the highest standards of ethical conduct, I acknowledge that I:

  • Will use my skill and knowledge for the advancement of professional services for persons served;
  • Will remain honest and impartial in my relationships with persons served, co-workers, and the general public;
  • Will protect the confidentiality of information concerning the business and/or personal affairs of persons served, donors and co-workers
  • Will perform duties with personal integrity that will promote and foster the confidence, trust and respect of persons served, funders, donors, and the general public;
  • Will take appropriate action to eliminate or prevent discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status and/or sexual preference in People Helping People;
  • Will perform responsibilities consistent with the policies, procedures and standards of practice recognized by People Helping People;
  • Will comply with all applicable local, state, provincial, and federal, civil and criminal laws while performing People Helping People responsibilities;
  • Will promote the mission of People Helping People in a positive manner;
  • Will interact with all persons served, volunteers and employees in a respectful, fair and professional manner, and will neither engage or conspire in any acts which violate ones’ basic human rights and dignity;
  • Will respect the choices of persons served, employees and co-workers and will neither persuade or impose personal ideologies whether political or religious;
  • Will ensure proper stewardship of charitable contributions, including:  careful handling of funds; timely reports of the use and management of funds; and explicit consent by the donor before altering the conditions of the funds and/or property;
  • Will maximize the use of all People Helping People resources whether it be money, equipment, supplies, and /or time for  the best interest of persons served within People Helping People;
  • Will ensure that donors receive informed and ethical advice about the value and tax implications of potential gifts;
  • Will ensure that all solicitation materials are accurate and correctly reflect People Helping People mission and use of solicited funds; and,
  • Will disclose all conflicts of interest; such disclosure does not preclude or imply ethical impropriety.

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We promote self-esteem and self-determination by employing individuals within the community.


We provide exposure to various career settings to sample areas of individual interest.


We prepare individuals to enter the workforce with confidence, appropriate job skills and good work behaviors.

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People Helping People in Need has served the New Jersey Community for over 17 years with their "Best Practices" and high Quality Social Services.